Introducing ARTA Instant Quote: Instantly Book Shipments from Miami Art Fairs!

Are you ready for the whirlwind of art fairs happening in Miami this week? We know this can be an extremely crazy and stressful time for everyone, so we are pleased to announce a new feature that will help you keep your cool and make you feel like a hero during the fairs this week: ARTA Instant Quote - instantly bookable quotes available through the Shipping Calculator!

What are ARTA Instant Quotes?

ARTA Instant Quotes are bookable quotes that can be instantly generated using the Shipping Calculator. Simply put in your shipment specs in the Shipping Calculator (we only need a few pieces of information) and click the “Get Quotes” button to instantly see your ARTA Instant Quote price and the expected quote estimate range.

If you like what you see and you’re ready to book, all you have to do is click the “Book Now At This Price” button and you will be prompted to enter in payment details. No waiting. No more back and forth. Instant quotes with the ability to lock in pricing and a booking, pronto.

If you are not ready to book and instead want to receive more quotes from shippers, you can click the “Copy to Request Form“ button. This will automatically copy all information you previously entered into our full request form. You will have the chance to review and edit any information you would like, then submit. Once you submit, everything works exactly the same as with regular quote requests: our team will reach out to multiple vendors to provide you with additional quotes within 24 hours. You can expect the quotes directly from shippers to fall within the estimate range displayed to you on the Shipping Calculator page.

Screenshot 2018-12-04 22.57.31.png

When would I use this?

Though this feature can be used for any regular shipment, it is particularly helpful during art fairs, where demanding clients expect instantaneous responses and any delay in providing shipping estimates could lead to a sale falling through. It’s also especially helpful when trucks are filling up fast and you want to reserve your spot as soon as possible to ensure you meet a delivery deadline.

For now we only support shuttle shipments within the US, however we have plans to launch expansions to this feature to support various other shipping methods and geographic regions over the coming months, so stay tuned for more launch announcements.

Which shipments qualify for ARTA Instant Quotes?

Currently we can provide ARTA Instant Quotes for nation-wide, local, and art fair shuttle shipments within the United States. There are some limitations, for example we don’t yet support over-weight, oversize, or international shipments, or delivery to certain hard-to-reach locations (like Martha’s Vineyard).

We can generate Instant Quotes for a majority of shipments, however when we can’t, we make it easy for you to request a custom quote through our regular process by automatically copying your request details over to the full request form so you don’t have to worry about duplicating data entry.

Who carries out the ARTA instant quote shipments?

If you decide to book an ARTA Instant Quote you can rest assured that the shipping providers carrying out your shipment are the same vetted, specialized shipping providers we work with every day to service requests from our customers. Every provider meets our ARTA Service Standards, and our team takes into account the specifics of your shipment and your provider preferences when selecting the ideal shipping partner for the job. You can also always reach out to our team with any specific requests post-booking so we can ensure we find you the best fit partner.

Instant quotes are great, but are there still humans behind the scenes?

Of course! The ARTA team is still here to support you every step of the way for every shipment that comes through our platform. As soon as you check out with an ARTA Instant Quote our team springs into action to confirm dates with shippers to ensure you receive the best service and fastest turnaround. You will then be notified of which shipping provider will be carrying out your shipment as well as estimated pick up and delivery date ranges.

Our team is always available via email, phone, chat, or text to ensure you feel comfortable with the process and answer any questions you might have, all the way through to delivery of your shipment and beyond.

This seems like sorcery! How does this work?

Our team has developed a predictive pricing model based on over 80 thousand points of historical shipment and quote data. This is how we are able to take just a few information points about your shipment to predict a full shipping and service quote. If you’d like to read more about how this model works we have a blog post all about it here.

Ready to get started? Give the ARTA Instant Quote a shot today.