An Inside Look at ARTA Instant Quote

If you’ve checked out or booked an ARTA Instant Quote then you may have wondered how we generated the prices displayed to you. (If you haven’t checked out the Shipping Calculator you should take a look - we think it’s pretty cool!)

This post takes a behind-the-scenes look at the predictive pricing engine driving these features, and should hopefully answer any questions you might have.

How did we get the prices displayed on the Shipping Calculator?

Our team developed the predictive pricing model over the course of many months as a collaboration between our product development and shipping teams. The model is based on over 80 thousand data points from shipments and quotes in our system that we have accumulated over a number of years. It is specifically trained on shipping rates for art shipments within the contiguous United States based on industry standard quotes from top national fine art service providers who meet our ARTA standards of service.

When you enter your shipment details on the Shipping Calculator you will see three prices on your screen: a single price shown as the “ARTA Instant Quote”, and a price range with a low and high price estimate. The ARTA Instant Quote is the price at which ARTA will agree to fulfill your shipment request if you decide to use the Book Now feature. If you are not ready to book and instead want to receive more quotes from shippers, you can click the “Copy to Request Form“ button and our team will reach out to vendors to provide you with additional quotes within 24 hours. You can expect the quotes directly from shippers to fall within the estimate range displayed to you on the Shipping Calculator page.

Why is the Instant Bookable Quote cheaper than the displayed estimate range?

Not only does booking ARTA Instant Quotes save you and your customers time, but it also significantly streamlines the quoting and booking processes for both our team and our shipping partners, which is why we are able to offer ARTA Instant Quotes at the most competitive rates. We have also developed strong relationships with our shipping partners and network of providers, which has allowed us to provide you with the most competitive rates.

how is the arta instant quote different from your regular quotes?

Any ARTA Instant Quote or estimate range you receive from the Shipping Calculator is in line with what you would receive if you request a custom quote from our team using our regular request form; the main difference is you do not have to wait 24 hours to receive a quote back!

If you decide to book an ARTA Instant Quote you can rest assured that the shipping providers carrying out your shipment are the same vetted specialized shipping providers we work with every day to service requests from our customers.

The Shipping Calculator can provide estimates for US nation-wide, local, and art fair road freight shipments with some limitations. We can generate Instant Quotes for a majority of shipments, however when we can’t, we make it easy for you to request a custom quote by automatically copying your request details over to the full request form so you don’t have to worry about duplicating data entry.

We have plans to launch expansions to our model to support various other shipping methods and geographic regions over the coming months, so stay tuned for more launch announcements.

Does your model improve over time?

The model constantly retrains itself based on new data entered into our system. This means that you will always be getting the most up-to-date, market appropriate rates, even if the pricing of vendors on the market has changed over time (this is especially handy with all of the mergers and acquisitions happening in the FAS shipping space).

As with any technology product, we plan to continue to iterate on and improve our model over time, which is why our team is constantly monitoring the outputs of the model to learn where it can be improved or adjusted to better meet customer expectations.

Of course, customer feedback is also a key driver of improvements for all of our products, so if you have questions or feedback please do not hesitate to reach out to share your thoughts! You can email us at at any time.

Instant quotes are great, but are there still humans behind the scenes?

Of course! The ARTA team is still here to support you every step of the way for every shipment that comes through our platform. As soon as you check out with an ARTA Instant Quote our team springs into action to confirm dates with shippers to ensure you receive the best service and fastest turnaround. You will then be notified of which shipping provider will be carrying out your shipment as well as estimated pick up and delivery date ranges. Our team is always available via email, phone, chat, or text to ensure you feel comfortable with the process and answer any questions you might have, all the way through to delivery of your shipment and beyond.