Best Practices: ARTA Instant Quote and Shipping Calculator

Over the last few months, ARTA has launched two new features on our platform that are already transforming the landscape of fine art shipping as we know it. The ARTA Shipping Calculator allows our users to obtain immediate ballpark estimates for any shipment within the US (international coming soon!), while ARTA Instant Quote provides the ability to receive a quote on the spot and book your shipment (with any additional services) instantaneously at the click of a button.

These tools are making a major impact on our users shipping process, taking their timeline for sourcing quotes through confirming the shipment from upwards of 14 days to just a few minutes. As Sam Trioli, Production Coordinator & Gallery Manager at Andrew Kreps Gallery, has said, “These features have completely modernized high end shipping, which for us has led to a better use of resources and greater efficiencies within the gallery. The positive effects that these have had has gone far beyond just shipping and can be recognized as contributing to overall better work flow across departments.” Below, we’ve put together a guide for utilizing these features to their fullest extent, allowing you and your colleagues to streamline your shipping process even further and to better optimize your time.


ARTA Instant Quote

  • Lock in best price

    • When cost is the deciding factor, these usually come in around $100 less than the provided estimate.

  • Book quotes instantaneously

    • Receive costs and book the shipment on the spot without having to run the request through the Extended Request form and wait for quotes.

  • Do not need to compare quotes

    • We provide you with the most competitive rate.

  • Do not have specific deadlines

    • When collection and delivery are both flexible - you can expect delivery in 4 to 6 weeks from the time of booking.

  • Client is approving and/or paying for shipping

    • After receiving your Instant Quote, simply click “Save for Later” and the quote will be saved in the Draft tab of your ARTA dashboard. From there, you can treat this saved quote as any other request - Share it, Edit it, Book it, etc. As with all of our other shipments, anyone who clicks on the link you’ve shared will be able to view and pay for the quote with a credit card without requiring an ARTA account.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.28.14 AM.png

ARTA Shipping Calculator

  • General ballpark costs

    • When you need estimated shipping costs for a potential exhibition, consignment, or auction purchase. As always, this includes any necessary packing, installation, or transit insurance you may need!

  • Art Fairs

    • Provide a client with immediate shipping costs to quell any chance of a sale falling through while you wait on quotes to come back.

  • Pre-sale

    • When still in the negotiating phase with a client and they’ve asked for shipping costs to be included in the bottom line of your offer.

  • Budgeting

    • When the actual shipment is months down the road, but you need quick costs for a budget meeting or proposal.

  • Quotes for multiple locations

    • If a client is trying to decide where to ship a work (i.e. to their apartment in Manhattan or their beach house at the Jersey Shore), provide them with quick costs for both.

Have any feedback on this feature or others? Have new ideas for things you’d like to see us build in your dashboard? Let us know! Send us a note at