Introducing Instant Quotes for International Air Freight Hubs

Instant Quote has gone international!

Last week we launched Instant Quote for international air freight shipments between 33 major hubs in 21 different countries. Read on below to find out exactly which hubs are supported and learn more about what’s included in our Instant Quotes.

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What CITIES can i get an INTERNATIONAL instant quote between?


United States

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • Denver

  • Los Angeles

  • Miami

  • New York

  • San Francisco


  • Mexico City



  • Vienna


  • Brussels


  • Copenhagen


  • Paris


  • Berlin

  • Cologne

  • Frankfurt

  • Munich


  • Milan

  • Rome


  • Luxembourg


  • Amsterdam


  • Lisbon

Republic of Ireland

  • Dublin


  • Madrid


  • Stockholm


  • Basel

  • Geneva

  • Zurich

United Kingdom

  • Edinburgh

  • London



  • Beijing


  • Tokyo

Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong


  • Singapore

South Korea

  • Seoul



  • Melbourne

  • Sydney

Middle East

United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai

We do not currently support air freight shipments between hubs that could be better suited for road freight, for example between Paris and London, or New York and Los Angeles. We already provide Instant Quotes for road freight shipments between any locations in the contiguous United States as well as European road freight. If a city you’re looking to do a shipment to/from is not currently supported by Instant Quote you can always submit your request through the extended request form.

We are constantly growing our list of supported Instant Quote air freight hubs and want to hear from you about where we should be expanding to next. Shoot us an email at to put in your vote!

What’s included in Instant Quotes for air freight?

Instant Quotes provided for air freight shipments contain full service costs, including:

  • White Glove Inside Pick-up & Delivery

  • Packing & Crate Fabrication (if specified)

  • Airport Delivery & Collection

  • Air Freight & Handling

  • Import & Export Customs Clearance Formalities (if appropriate)

In addition to all of the above, you can choose to add on additional services, such as installation, condition reports, unpacking and debris disposal, or ARTA transit insurance.

Your Instant Quote does not include duties and taxes. If you would like a rough estimate of these costs please feel free to ask our team to provide them for you after booking.

You can also read more about our ARTA Standards of Service here for all of our supported shipping methods.

What’s the estimated pick-up & delivery timeline for air freight instant quote shipments?

All air freight Instant Quote shipments are estimated to be collected 1-2 weeks from date of booking and delivered 2-4 weeks from booking.

To ensure the speediest service make sure all details you have provided at time of booking are correct.

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