New Feature: Automated BOL uploads

As ARTA continues to grow, we are constantly working to provide our users with a better experience by way of new tools and features to help keep you more organized, more efficient, and to make your shipping process even easier.

Today, we are happy to announce that many of our US-based shipping partners will now automatically be submitting BOL’s once shipments are delivered. We have teamed up with a select group of shipping partners to sync our systems so that moving forward, Proof of Delivery will be received seamlessly and effectively. Any active or future shipments that you book with these shippers will have a BOL uploaded once delivered.

For international shipments, AWBs, Proof of Export, and other relevant documents will be uploaded once the shipment is complete.

how it works

We have been testing this new feature on a small scale for the past few months, and are pleased to roll it out to all users today. When a BOL, POD, or other related document has been uploaded to your shipment within your ARTA account, you will receive an email notification that a new document is available for you to review and keep in your records. You can click on the email to view the shipment and BOL, or, you can always revert to your "completed" tab in your ARTA dashboard to find a history of completed shipments. BOLs will be included as an attachment.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 2.16.39 PM.png

Our partners

BOLs will be submitted for any US-based shipments booked with the following partners:

  • AirSea Packing

  • ANR Transport

  • Art Handlers Ltd.

  • Artemis FAS

  • Atelier 4

  • EMS Group

  • Fine Art in Space

  • Displays FAS

  • Gander & White

  • Richard Wright

  • Wren Art

If you do not receive an email that your BOL or other related document was uploaded to your shipment booked with the aboe partners within one week of your shipment deliver, or if you would like to request a BOL for another shipment, please email